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Emir Of Zazzau: El-Rufai is the Kind of Friend Your Parents Warned You to Avoid

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

"Don't bring shame to this family!" These are the famous words of Nigerians parents when telling their children to maintain good behaviour, especially when they are going away to boarding schools. Ambassador Ahmed Bamalli will have memories of his parents telling so, and more so he will not want to disappoint his late father.

Ambassador Bamalli is a law graduate and has attended many elite Universities. He was a diplomat and a seasoned banker. He knows the customary process and has memorised the Kaduna State Chiefs (Appointment and Deposition) Laws.He is usually proud to say he is not corrupt, and not ashamed to say he is not rich. People have always thought of him as a principled man with integrity.

However, he has disappointed a lot of people by accepting the appointment of Emir of Zazzau through illegal means. His late father, the first Minister of Foreign Affairs, will not be proud of the method he was appointed as the Emir of Zazzau because the appointment is akin to the appointment of special assistant of a politician. The pride of the competition for the stool of the Emir of Zazzau has been taken away from the process. The Mallawa dynasty are definitely ashamed of this appointment. All, as a result of one commoner, the Governor, who has no regards for rule of law.

Amb. Bamalli should not put the blame on Governor El-Rufai's nagging penchant for abuse of the rule of law. The impunity by the Governor has succeeded in uniting friends and opponents, alike, because of his attempt to appoint his unelected relative at all cost. Amb. Bamalli knows El-Rufai is the bad friend his parents have always warned him to avoid, only this time around he is old enough to think for himself.

El-Rufai has truly brought shame to the Mallawa dynasty. Mallam Musa will not be proud, neither would Mallam Al, nor his father Mallam Sidi Abdulkadiri.

Not avoiding people with bad behaviour can truly change the course of one’s life, like that of Amb. Bamalli. He is currently the administrator of the Zazzau Emirate and history will not remember such positions.

The consequencies of El-Rufai's bad behaviour will not harm the Emirate, it will forgotten immediately after the court ruling. However, the for Amb. Bamalli, he faces a huge task of regaining the trust he lost - and the lost image of the Mallawa dynasty.


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