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Jama'atu Nasrul Islam Sues Emir of Zazzau for Siphoning 21 Million Naira

Jama’atu Nasrul Islam (JNI) Zazzau Emirate Branch, Jama’atu Lardin Zazzau, sues Ambassador Ahmed Bamalli (The Grand Patron of the association) to return a cheque of twenty-one million Naira (N21,000,000) which he dubiously collected from Ministry of Transportation. The Ministry of Transportation naively paid the sum to Mr Bamalli because he is the Grand Patron of the Branch. It is a mystery how the Ministry of Transportation decided to make a payment to a person that is not part of the management body of the JNI Branch. The money is a land compensation for Jama’atu College (boys) because the Ibadan – Kano rail project will pass through the school.

JNI Zazzau Emirate Branch has prudently managed its resources through the late Dr Maccido Ibrahim (OON). They have established seven schools over five decades. These include Colleges of Arabic (for boys, and for girls), primary school, secondary school, a clinic, and the School of Health Technology. The CAC registered the schools in 2018 with specific Directors and shareholders. Late Dr Maccido Ibrahim established the College of Arabic (boys) in 1970 and is still being managed by the Board of Governors.

When the Ministry of Transport sent the Cheque to JNI Zazzau Branch via the Grand Patron, it was expected that Mr Bamalli would pass it down to the Board of Governors. However, Mr Bamalli decided to pocket the full money for himself. The JNI Branch management body respectfully demanded the return of the Cheque worth 21 million Naira, but Mr Bamalli refused to pay. He attempted to bully the association by calling on the dissolution of the JNI Board of Governors to appoint his cronies. The Board of Governors enlightened in a letter that he does not have the power to do so, that he is only a Patron.

Since then, they have taken him to court to demand the return of their Cheque that Mr Bamalli illegally took.

JNI Demands Emir of Zazzau to Return of Cheques
Download PDF • 396KB

JNI SUES Emir of Zazzau
Download PDF • 347KB

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