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Emir of Zazzau: Judge Threatened, Vigilante Group Comes to Aid, Contemplates Withdrawal

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The Kaduna State High Court Judge is contemplating to withdraw from the lawsuit filed against the appointment of Emir of Zazzau. The Judge has scheduled the pre-trial hearing on 11 December 2020. However, he is currently contemplating to withdraw as his security concerns are not taken seriously.

The Judge is worried that he had been followed by unknown individuals motorcycles on Thursday. He resorted to a local vigilante group to help for over-night security as a temporary solution.

The Judge reported on Wednesday that his office, the High Court in Dogarawa, was ransacked over the weekend. There was a lot of damage done. It is suspected the Defendants want to change two documents that were submitted to the Court. The first is the witness Statement on Oath, which is signed by the kingmakers, and the Defandants’ Notice of Preliminary Objection.

It is also reported that the state government has been threatening the kingmakers to change their lawyers, for the state Attorney, so that they can change their signed Statement of Oath. The threat, by the state government, is what has led to the letter of query on 12 November 2020. So far, one kingmaker has accepted to take the state Attorney.

However, Wazirin Zazzau, Alhaji Ibrahim Aminu, who refused to change his attorney has been suspended by the Kaduna State Government on Thursday, 19 November 2020.

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