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On Wazirin Zazzau’s suspension

A couple of weeks ago, Kaduna State Government through the Ministry For Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, has sent a letter to Wazirin Zazzau, restraining him from conducting any activity that is related to the Emirate. Prior to the suspension, a letter was sent to him, demanding full explanation to the satisfaction of the authorities concerned his reasons for dishonouring an informal invitation, that would save him from a sanction.

In the said letter, one of the reasons penned down by the government for his suspension is partaking in bribery. He was said to be bribed by one of the contenders of the throne in oder to be selected. This is the most ridiculous and inept reason, to say the least. Having been empowered by the law to select new emir upon the death or deposition of an emir, the Kingmakers have every right to select any person whom they deemed fit and worthy for the throne without any prejudice from any person or group. Any ulterior motive from any individual on this regard will set upon an unprecedented hostility in a peaceful and all accommodating Emirate.

The ill decision of the government to undermine the most peaceful selection process has further divided the one united ruling house which they have been enjoying for decades as a result of intermarriage between them that produced hundreds of children.

A part of Katsinawa (the previous ruling house) are now not in harmony with the Mallawa (the current ruling house), so also the Barebari and vice versa. The disharmony and enmity could have been avoided, had been the government decided to respect and cherish the decisions of the kingmakers and give the Caesar what he owns without filling the atmosphere with chaos.

The statement made by the governor at the coronation ceremony threatening to take firm and decisive actions against any person that attempts to undermine in any shape or form, nonpartisan and noble status of our traditional institution, particularly, Zazzau Emirate has galvanized the tension and fear for the future of the Emirate. Hence, the statement is callous and uncalled for, as it can set a dangerous precedent to the growth and development of the Emirate.

To accuse a person who refuse to succumb in selecting a candidate that did not meet up the requirements of the criteria presented by government’s officials purposely on that, of collecting a bribe without any evidence to support it, is tantamount to ineptness. It’s high level of disservices to the integrity and conscience of these reputable people for government to label such high form of crime against them. In the meantime, and in view to the foregoing, all parties need to come together and mend their differences in the interest of Zazzau Emirates, and for the good of people of the Emirate.

Safiyanu Ladan lives at 88 Rimin Tsiwa, Zaria city, Kaduna State.

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