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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Alhaji Ibrahim Muhammad Aminu have been in the position of Wazirin Zazzau since 13th August, 2008 and as at the time of the demise of the Late Emir of Zazzau Alhaji (Dr) Shehu Idris CFR, LLD he was still the Wazirin Zazzau, the custodian of the Tradition and customs of Zazzau generally and specifically with respect to the nomination and appointment of the new Emir of Zazzau after the death of the then Emir the Chairman King makers committee and having the task to notify the Governor of the vacancy of the office and rank of the Emir of Zazzau. He has been part of the official duties along with the other members of the committee to so nominate and appoint the Emir of Zazzau and the appointment should be approved by the Executive of Kaduna State, only from the names of those nominated by the king makers.

The king makers sincerely and diligently carried out their duties using the guidelines given by the Kaduna State, in the notice sent by Wazirin Zazzau to the Governor and the Secretary to the Zazzau emirate council respectively he made mentioned “Notice to commence Legal action against his wrongful removal as the Wazirin Zazzau and Failure to appoint of Emir zazzau in accordance with the rules of tradition and relevant laws for the appointment of the Emir of Zazzau and the Wrongful appointment of Amb. Ahmad Nuhu Bamalli as the Emir of Zazzau, who was not recommended by the king Makers committee for the Recommendation/Nomination of Emir of Zazzau”.

The above paragraph did not go well with them and one month (1) notice expired furthermore, the legal action begins and the life of Wazirin Zazzau is at risk because on 23rd October, 2022 unknown gunmen that are going after his life arrived his house,,, while he was away, they wanted to kidnap him and poison or assassinate him as usual.

In view of the above Nigerian police force, Department of security service and the relevant authorities were informed of the situation on ground. Our associations will monitor the situation keenly despite some planners of the ugly situation are out of Nigeria to pretend innocent.

Allah Ya karya zalunci da azzalumai duk inda suke.


IGP Abuja

DG DSS Abuja

Director DSS Kaduna State

Commissioner of Police Kaduna State

Commandant NSCDC Kaduna

Area Commandant Zaria area command

Human right watch

NUJ Kaduna State

All Social media activists.

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