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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Alhaji Muhammad Sani Aliyu, Limamin Kona, has applied for Exparte motion to stop the Kaduna State Governor from harassing the kingmakers of Zazzau emirate.

El-Rufai has set-up an investigation committee into the conduct/misconduct of some kingmakers and council members of the Zazzau emirate council.

Ibrahim Hussaini, the commissioner for Environment, is the Chairman of the committee. Murtala Halidu is the Secretary.

Upon the Exparte motion, Justice Kabir Dabo has issued an interim order on directing the Chairman, the Secretary, and other members of the committee, to suspend all proceedings, sittings and deliberations. The order is specifically on the subject of the investigation committee for conduct/misconduct of some council members/kingmakers of the Zazzau emirate pending the motion on notice. Those included in the order are Balarabe Abbas, the Secretary to the State Government, and the Attorney General of the State.

The order remains until the return date, 16 December 2020. The pre-trial hearing for the wrongful appointment of the Emir of Zazzau starts on Friday 11 December.

The investigation (which cannot be admissible in the current trial) is a way to delay and distort the trial by the Governor as he has no way to defend his act of impunity. The kingmakers have refuse to take the State Attorney which has led to several threats including query and suspension of the most senior kingmaker (Wazirin Zazzau).

We wait to see the next rabbit he is going to pull out of his hat by Friday.

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