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Wazirin Zazzau v Kaduna State Government & Ors.: Fanning of an Already Fiery Furnace

Less than a day before the culmination of the stipulated 30 days in which the illegally dismissed Waziri could file the processes for his case against the Kaduna State Government and Zazzau Emirate over the illegal appointment of Ahmad Nuhu Bamalli and his sacking, the latter two parties have already stepped up efforts to intimidate Waziri into withdrawing his case against them.

Our investigation has revealed a ploy to level a claim of avoiding court service against the Waziri. In a rumoured letter sent to him earlier this week, it was stated that several attempts were made to serve him notice of a court summon, but instead of honouring it, it was claimed that he sent away the courier. This is totally false, as far as our investigation has revealed, and we also took great lengths to ascertain the veracity of such claim. As we said in our earlier reports, Bamalli is very desperate and was even reported to have been lobbying for Waziri to be begged or forced to drop his case because he knows in all likelihood, that will be the end of his illegal and infamous tenure in Zazzau.

We have CONFIRMED report of the Kaduna State Director of Public Prosecutions, Dari Bayero, acting heavily in this devilish plan. Known for being an extremely corrupt man, he has been instructed by the Government to seek a bench warrant which could be used to intimidate Waziri. With that, they could force him to withdraw or at least delay his plan to proceed with his case against Bamalli. This is the truth of the matter and will be revealed in the coming days.

In all likelihood, the filing of Waziri’s processes will be done in the forthcoming week. Then it will be left to the Court to fix the date for hearing and the clock would start ticking. We anticipate this will start anything getting to 2 weeks from the date of filing of the processes. The Kaduna State Government have to be aware that whatever form of intimidation that Waziri would face will not be tolerated. Waziri is not the only kingmaker from the time. Others would DEFINITELY follow suit and we have confirmation of that. There are so many interested parties in this case wishing to see that Justice is meted out. No matter how long they would try to protect Bamalli from his inevitable sacking, they will fail. If only the knew how much he detests their anointed saviour, Senator Uba Sani, by the disgusting things he says about him… After all, Allāh Ba azzalumin kowa ba ne, kuma Ya haramta wa Kan sa zalunci. Allah Ya fito ma na da gaskiya. Aameen.


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