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Emir of Zazzau sacks 84-year-old Ciroman Zazzau for questioning emir’s royal ancestry

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

NEWS DIGEST – The Emir of Zazzau, Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli, has sacked the 84-year-old Ciroman Zazzau, Saidu Mailafiya, for insubordination, disrespect and questioning the royal descent of the emir.

DAILY NIGERIAN gathered that Mr Mailafiya, who is the oldest prince from the Mallawa ruling dynasty, had initially refused to pay allegiance to the new emir.

After he was persuaded to pay allegiance to the emir, he abstained from paying regular homage to the emir on the premise that the emir’s lineage was not originally from Mallawa ruling dynasty.

According to sources, Mr Mailafiya had alleged that the emir’s grandfather was “wanzami”, a person who barbers and performs circumcision, and was in fact the one who circumcised him.

Although the sacked prince’s claims were disputed by many royal experts and history books, Mr Mailafiya held on to his claim — to the indignation of the emir.

Feelers in the palace however argued that the emir should have tolerated the prince as the emir’s father, Nuhu Bamalli, also had issues of insubordination with the late Emir Shehu Idris.

“The late Nuhu Bamalli also abstained from royal duties after paying allegiance to the late Shehu Idris. The late emir forgot their differences, married off his daughter to this emir and bestowed royal titles on his two sons,” said a source in the palace.

Meanwhile the emir has approved the elevation of Shehu Dansidi Bamalli, the District Head of Makera, to the position of Ciroman Zazzau.

The emir equally elevated Shehu Mailafiya Bamalli, a younger brother of the sacked Ciroma from the title of Makama Gado Da Masu Zazzau to the title of Barden Zazzau.

Also appointed in the new palace shake-up is Halliru Nuhu Bamalli as the new Makama Gado da Masu Zazzau.

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