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El-Rufai and the New Emir of Zazzau Plots to Remove Four of the Five Kingmakers

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

The recently appointed Emir of Zazzau queries four out of the five kingmakers for not attending his coronation organization meeting on the 30 October 2020. The meeting was organised by the Ministry for Local Government Affairs. The kingmakers that were sent a letter of query are Wazirin Zazzau, Makama Karami, Limamin Juma’a, and Limamin Kona. This means only Fagaci was speared, according to our investigation.

The query was served on 12 November 2020 by the Permanent Secretary, Musa Adamu, on behalf of the Commissioner of the Ministry. They have been given 48 hours to respond to the query.

The kingmakers had presented the High Court order to the Emir, a motion of Ex-Parte, dated 19th October 2020. The court order directs them to refrain from any coronation activity until they appear in court on 27 October 2020. The hearing was adjourned several times which dragged to 6 November 2020.

It is reported that the Emir wants to remove all five kingmakers because they did not vote for him as the Emir, as stipulated by the customary law. Doing so will definitely bring another round of lawsuit that put the emirate into disrepute, as well as the Emir's credibility to lead effectively.

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